Tuesday, April 22, 2008

O.K., so I'm not very good at this Blog Thing

Or is that the understatement of the century!! I'll try to be better, although I refuse to promise anything!

Baseball has started - or is trying to - and we are happy! We've had more rain out days than we'd like, but have gotten to play quite a few games. Chad calls Oregon "The state that killed baseball". I think that's an overexageration (is that how you spell it?), but I'll go along with him. Baseball in a small town is kind of fun. The snack shack BBQ's hamburgers and they have this thing called "Spartan Crunch". Basically it's a bag of fritos with chili dumped in and topped with cheese. You eat it out of the bag with a spoon. I haven't had any, but it smells delicious!

Slices is holding it's own. Which is great considering that the price of flour has risen 500% since we opened 14 months ago. A 50lb bag of flour has gone from $7 to $32! Gross! We've had to raise prices, but still have quite a loyal following and more and more people try us for the first time!