Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Devin!

Today is my son Devin's 21st birthday! 21?? Really??
I love Devin. I love Devin's happy disposition. He's only recently grown back into this happy disposition. He was born a happy, happy baby. He weighed 9 lbs. 8 oz and was 21 inches long when he was born and was very content from the beginning. There was nothing he loved more than to have me hold him and dance around the family room to music. I can still here him, "More, mama, more!" So we'd dance some more. We'd dance until my legs hurt. Then he hit adolescence I guess and gone was the happy Devin. He was sad, really sad and mad a lot. I admit there were times that he probably deserved to be sad - sometimes things were really hard for Devin - but when I thought he should be happy, he wasn't! Funny kid! However - the happy Devin is back and I am so glad! I love both Devins, but this "new" Devin is way more fun to be around and talk to.
Devin is handsome - dark, thick, gorgeous hair and dark chocolate brown eyes. He has a great smile. Devin is kind and tender and compassionate. So much so, that he tries to hide these qualities by being the opposite sometimes, but he can't last. He's talented. He should be one of those guys that paints cars really cool. He's very artistic like that. He's smart. He went to Montessori preschool when he was little and the teacher once pointed out his artwork to me. It was a free form art project. The kids could use any color they wanted and paint whatever they wanted. The other kids had chosen 2, maybe 3 colors and had drawn things like flowers or trees or their families. Not Devin. He'd used all the colors and had made such an abstract drawing. It was very cool. I think the teacher framed it and hung it in his class for a while. I was pretty proud. I still am. Devin is a wonderful human being and has tremendous potential for good. He just needs to believe in himself. It's been a wonderful 21 years with you and I look forward to the next 21.
I love you, Devin.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Always learning...

O.K., so I'm told by my daughter Jeni that when I post multiple things I have to do it backwards. Like with my last post. I should have blogged about Andrea first, then so on, so that my blog wouldn't START OUT as "And this is our daughter..." Oh well, I learn something new everyday - mostly from Jeni. I'm glad to know she has my back. Thanks honey! Love you!