Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!

Lighting fireworks on 4th of July. He's a true pyromaniac!

Burying Ethan in the sand.

Papa and Livy.

Today is my husband's birthday - he's 51. Time goes by so fast. I remember when we were kids and liked each other. He was a sophomore and I was in 7th grade. Walking home from school each day, if I walked down Glendale Avenue, I'd walk right by Washing high school and his locker. We'd leave each other notes in his locker. Sometimes, not very often, we'd meet in my alley and talk and he'd kiss me.
On a mutual trip to Flagstaff, he gave me his wallet to hold - why, I don't remember. I lost it. I felt so bad. Lucky for me - and for him - someone found it months later when the snow melted and returned it to him. It had everything still in it - even his money!
I also remember Saturday night dances at the Earll building. He was such a good dancer and always smelled like Aramis cologne. No one looked better in brown angel flight pants than him!
We dated briefly when I was a Senior and he was about 20 or 21. He was so handsome (still is). Then I went off to BYU and he got married. Who would have known that years later we'd end up together. In September we will have been together for 20 years. That's a long time. I'm thankful for the years with him. He's a good, kind, decent man who loves me and our family very much. He works hard for us so that we can have a good life and all the things we need and want. Sometimes I think we take for granted all the things we have because of him. We shouldn't. I appreciate him and all that he does for our family.
So Happy Birthday, honey! I hope this year is the best yet. I love you.

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Gramma Suey said...

Great little blog Darcie. He is a sweetie. So are eyou!