Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not much going on...

Wow - not much is going on around here lately. At least not much worth blogging about. Finances are still super tight - the rainy season has begun in earnest - most of the trees have lost their beautiful colored leaves - and I'm seesawing on the scales at weight watchers. Life is just so blah right now I can hardly stand it.
On the good news side, however, I'm excited for my sister, Cori and her husband Garret. He has a new job in Utah - so they'll be packing up their home in Mesa and moving the week after Christmas. This is such a great change for them - one they've needed for so long. I am so happy for them! It's, of course, tramatizing to our poor mother who will have none of her 3 children living close. I'm hoping she will look at it as more vacation destinations! :) Smile, mom!

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