Friday, November 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday

So my dear friend Kathy does this - I think she got the idea from her sister in law. Each Thursday she posts some things that she's thankful for that week. Since this is seriously an area that I could work on, I think I'll give it a try.
This week I am thankful for -
*Like Kathy - I'm so thankful to have "reconnected" with her. What a great friend she is and it's so fun to have a friend with a similar personality to mine!
*Spending halloween with my grandkids. They were dressed up so cute and had such a good time trick or treating in my 'hood! Livy wore the pumpkin costume that I actually made for Jeni for her first halloween. Each of my 4 kids wore that costume for their first halloween and each of Jeni's 4 kids have worn it as well. Fun tradition!!
*The chance to vote - even though it doesn't always turn out the way I want, at least my voice is heard.
*Having my hair colored - no gray for me thank you! Maybe I won't always be this vain!
*Chad and I got through an entire week of getting up at 5:50am and got to seminary on time - every single day!! Wooo Whooooo!!!
*Chad got his baseball fundraiser information - that means baseball season can't be too far away!!!

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gibkidsmom said...

Good job Darcie! I like doing this each week plus it gives me something to blog about. I also started doing SPT on Tuesdays. (she photographs on Tuesdays) Have a great weekend!