Saturday, December 20, 2008

And this is our daughter Andrea and her husband Greg. They've been married about 2 1/2 years and such a cute couple. They have such fun loving and happy personalities and are such a joy to have around. Andrea has always been the peacemaker in our family and Greg has a terrific sense of humor. We are lucky to have them. Love you guys!

So - I have 2 more kids - Justin and Kristi, but I don't have any recent, good pictures of them. When I find some or take some,I'll post again.

This is our oldest daughter, Jeni and her family - husband, Dan and kids Ryleigh, Spencer, Ethan and Olivia. They wanted some family pictures for Christmas cards so we went to a park here i town and I did my best. I think they turned out really well - of course I had great subjects to work with. Love this family!

My boys...

These are my boys. Left to right is Tyler, Devin and Chad. Tyler is 25 and has spent the last 10 years living a pretty hard life. Thankfully with age comes a little hindsight - I hesitate at this juncture to say wisdom - and he's trying to get back on track and be a productive adult. Devin is 20 and is already gaining a little wisdom. He's not always made the best choices, either, but he seems to be coming around. Maybe watching his older brother has made his "learning curve" a little shorter. (hope, hope...) Chad is 15. He's the youngest of 7 and has - so far - watched the mistakes and successes of all 6 of his older brothers and sisters and has managed to live his life without too many pitfalls. All 3 of my boys are sensitive and kind and they love their mommy. I can't ask for much more than that!!
I love these guys!


So on November 21 Jeff and Chad and I decided that we would leave the next day and drive down to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with my family. (Why plan??? Spontaneity is so much more fun!!??) It took 20 hours, but we got to the Valley of the Sun Sunday evening and had such a fun week. Jeff was going to have to go down to the valley to work anyway, so he spent much of his time working. Chad spent time with his friends and I spent time - much needed time - with my mom and sister. Can I just tell you that I love these women? The three of us are pretty different personality wise. I realized that more this trip. My sister is definately the calm before the storm. I am the storm. My mom is the aftermath - she's there to make everything better when it's really not. But we seem to compliment each other and being with them is one of my very favorite things to do.
Thanksgiving was fun. We had 13, which was a nice crowd. Garret and Cori are moving to Utah in January, so it was especially fun to be together before they moved. My two boys Tyler and Devin even came down to give me hugs and I'll post those pictures in another blog.