Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chad's Decision

Jeni watching baseball

Man, he's getting so tall!

And so handsome!!

He's a great catcher!

Chad has played baseball since he was 5 years old. Every single spring our family is at the baseball park watching him play and cheering him on. He caught on to baseball immediately. In Tee Ball when the other kids were dorking around and chasing each other in the dug out and sitting in the outfield picking flowers - he's in the game. All his concentration and attention are focused on the game. He stands and cheers his teammates from the dug out, he knows when it's his turn to bat - no one has to tell him to get on deck, he knows the score at all times. He's a quintessential team player. He's very competitive, and always wants to BE the best - but he's just as happy when his teammates shine. I love that about him.

Well, as I said in an earlier post, he's struggling in school for the first time in his life. English and French were kicking his butt. He was trying, but it just wasn't enough. He didn't pass English - but French is another story. At this writing his french teacher - Mrs. Bazanele - is still working with him to get enough points to at least pass the class. He appreciates that and so do we. However, Chad has made the very hard decision to sit out baseball this season. I know he's struggled with this - he LOVES baseball. Jeff and I are devastated. His sister, Jeni and her husband Dan, are devastated. There are not words to describe how much we look forward to him playing baseball - it's just the best. But as he told me when he was explaining his decision to me - "Mom, I was sick to my stomach when I saw those grades on my report card. I don't EVER want to feel that way again about grades. I need to get my grade point average back up to where it should and could be." Wow - I can't argue with that. He's right - and I am SO intensely proud of him for caring that much about school and his future.
Still, it leaves me wondering - What in the world am I going to do this spring without baseball??


Anonymous said...

Wow... We only saw him play a few times, but I'M devastated! I can't imagine Chad without baseball! But I, too, feel grateful that he is willing to see the future. If more kids could just see the future a little clearer...

Tell him we're behind him all the way. We love you all so much!

Bren's Life said...

Wow- is right. What a kid. You don't see many kids like that. What a great kid you got there..