Saturday, February 21, 2009


The word Limbo conjures up a couple of thoughts. One is the fun game played by really flexible people where you try to see "how low you can go" under a pole held by two people. Each time you are successful at bending backwards and passing under the pole without touching it, the pole goes down a notch and you try again. I've only played a couple of times and I admit, I'm not very good.
The other Limbo is where we are right now. Waiting, hoping, praying for our house to sell so that we can go on to a new phase of life. Limbo. Jeff's been working in Arizona for about 6 weeks. We're not sure if he should come back up this week and stay until the house sells, stay in Arizona and try to secure more clients or find a full time job. Limbo. Chad's trying to decide what to do about baseball. If he doesn't pass his french class, which he'll find out about Monday, then he won't need to even worry about what to do. But, if he does, the season here starts Monday. Should he start playing with these guys and hope that we can stay long enough to finish out the season? Limbo. Like I said, I'm really not very good at Limbo.

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