Monday, February 23, 2009

Who's the Grandma of an 11 year old?? Not me!!

Nope, no way. I cannot be the grandma of an 11 year old - yes, I said an E L E V E N year old! I think it was yesterday that I was waiting patiently at the hospital for my daughter to give birth. It was such a weird set of emotions taking place in me that day. Excitement (I LOVE babies), worry (can Jeni DO this?), happiness (Like I said, I LOVE babies), concern (have I taught Jeni enough that she'll be a good mother?), frustration (where are those nurses with the ice chips??), sadness (she was only 16). Ryleigh Lyn entered the world on February 23, 1998 at 6:36pm. She was beautiful from the beginning. The most perfect little baby. I was hooked!

Through the years Ryleigh and I have formed this wonderful little bond. We get each other. She thinks I'm the best there is and I feel the exact same about her. I am so proud of her and the young lady that she is and will be. Our family was so blessed to have her come into our lives at the exact moment that she did. So, Happy Birthday Bug! I love you so much!!

Oh and by the way - Jeni can do this, I did teach her enough to be a good mother and I love her so much, too. Proud doesn't begin to cover it.


Bren's Life said...

What a great looking Grandma you are.. How many grandkids do you have now?

Cori said...

I absolutely LOVE the photo you put along with this post. And what an incredibly thoughtful post it is. I love being a Grandma so much. It is nice how they love you so much and couldn't care less what you do - you are still tops. And it's really nice being "the 'yes' lady" finally!

Love you!