Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

So, I haven't been very consistent with this yet, but that's o.k. I'll keep working at it. This week I am thankful -
1. That I've had 3 of my grandkids here with me since Monday while their parents are on a trip to Arizona. Ryleigh (11), Spencer (8) and Ethan (6) are great reminders to take life a little slower and enjoy the ride a whole lot more.
2. That I was able to find a wonderful, loving home for Rusty. I feel better about that decision as each day passes.
3. That it's sunny today. I never realized how much I love sunny days.
4. That my 12 x 12 printer works and I can use it to get so much more scrapbooking done!!
5. That Chad is playing baseball and I can go watch him. It's one of my favorite things to do.
6. That Jeff is doing the hot dog cart again. He really does love serving food to people - it makes him happy. If it makes him happy - it makes me happy.
7. For Google Maps. Otherwise - I'd never be able to find my way around the State of Oregon.
8. For cell phones and husbands that can help me find my way around the State of Oregon when I get lost and my google map didn't give me the location I needed.
9.That my smaller jeans still fit - that means that in spite of myself, I obviously haven't gained enough weight to move up a size!!
10. That tomorrow is another day as far as food choices go. Yep, I'm struggling right now. This waiting for the house to sell stuff is getting really, really old.

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